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So Facebook “Like” is getting a little challenge from Google! “+1” is the tool. Really!

Yeah, that’s right. +1.
I was thinking hmm, it’s almost April 1st, so is this pulling my leg? Getting a jump on the joke? +1. Really? Not digging the name, but I’m not
A little earlier today, Google rolled out a new button called +1. The +1 button will show up next to the search engine results and the AdWords ads. It is planned for in the future that if you have a website and you are a publisher you will be able to add a +1 button to pages and articles on your sites and that should get you some search engine taste.

How do you motivate yourself to do any work when the weather is yucky?


It's gray, miserable and damp outside. The only thing I want to do is to lay around and not pick up this laptop even though I have some things I need to do. One of them being is to play online poker. I am pretty good at it, but with this weather so bad, I am just not motivated. I don't want to watch the NCAA Toury, my bracket is in shambles, I need a tin can and a monkey to beg to win my bracket. 
With that being said, I am forcing myself to do SOMETHING. So going online and venting is a good departure for me. I want to rant, crab, vent, but play and have a good time.
Does the weather play an influence in how you have a productive day or not?
Spread the word, thunderbird, and pass along to your friends!
The Midnite Marketer    

Social Media and the B.S. that is out there.

Seriously, this is how I feel sometimes when people start talking about how much they know about social media. This is what I hear a LOT. “Yeah, I know how to use Facebook and Twitter to help a business out” Really? How? “Oh, I just tell my friends what I am doing or post something about the next big party going on and I use that for the business so it will make them popular also” Huh? What? You are saying WHAT? THAT is what is helping a business out? Wow. Unless they are giving away drinks and it’s a bar, I don’t think that is going to work.