Monthly Archives: May 2011

Beat down? Can’t get motivated? Tired of the ridicule? Try this for inspiration.


We all have had those days. World against you. Trying to get your business going. You aren’t good enough. You don’t have the look. You aren’t smart enough at work. Don’t have the money. Not enough hours in the day. Maybe you are unemployed. All you need is that little break but you aren’t getting it. Blame the world, that’s the easy way out and NO arguement will change that. You HAVE to make your own luck or opportunity. Here are two people that didn’t have the look, life short changed them in one way or another but they made their own luck and opportunity and are wildy successful and there is NO reason you can’t make it either, my friend.  

How are you using Twitter and are you hot? Here are some tools to show how much taste you can have using Twitter!


So you think you are hot property on Twitter? An influencer? Well Sparky, don’t get your hopes that high up. You may be thinking “I am King of All Make Believe when it comes to Twitter and that is because I am following 5,000 people and only a few follow me”. OUCH! Sorry, my misguided friend, but you are the King when 5,000 follow you and you follow not as many. Why? Because what you have to say is important to those 5,000 followers and that is what makes you importante, me amigo (or NOT the 5,000 you follow. Be a LEADER, not a follower.

Osama Bin Laden dead, Looks like Twitter broke the story. Is Twitter the new news source?

First, let me say unabashedly  I am so proud of this country and the troops and that this evil has been wiped from this earth. Our prayers should still be with the victims of 911 and the brave people who have lost their lives because of Bin Laden and his equally evil counterparts. I loved this. At the Mets-Phillies, chants of USA broke out. Watch here from You Tube.