Beat down? Can’t get motivated? Tired of the ridicule? Try this for inspiration.


We all have had those days. World against you. Trying to get your business going. You aren’t good enough. You don’t have the look. You aren’t smart enough at work. Don’t have the money. Not enough hours in the day. Maybe you are unemployed. All you need is that little break but you aren’t getting it. Blame the world, that’s the easy way out and NO arguement will change that. You HAVE to make your own luck or opportunity. Here are two people that didn’t have the look, life short changed them in one way or another but they made their own luck and opportunity and are wildy successful and there is NO reason you can’t make it either, my friend.  

I think about Paul Potts ( ) and Susan Boyle ( ) and that drives my inspiration. Really? Yes. Not exactly what you would think, huh? Here’s why.

Paul Potts worked for a phone provider as a salesman and while there is no shame in that, it’s not exactly the fast track. Susan was unemployed. They certainly didn’t have the look and that no doubt hindered any real chance of wanting a chance to perform because we are a society that thrives on looks, fair or not and they don’t grace the cover of GQ ( )  or Cosmopolitan ( ). I am sure for years and years, they were picked on, Susan admitted as much and what an emotional beating that must have been. Only their small circle of friends who saw the bigger picture and didn’t judge hung out with them and I bet they did a lot of things by themselves if they wanted to or not. So they both has this tremendous talent and for years, held back due to the imagined ridicule or real ridicule they would get if they performed because they were SCARED of what they THOUGHT what would happen and didn’t want to get laughed at again. That is a natural fear. Sounds familiar? You were scared of the ridicule because you have had people say “What a dumb idea” or you got no support from your spouse or family or “You will never amount to anything” and you believed that and you have been beat down by them. Hurts doesn’t it? And you just put up with it and kept getting beat down.

Then one day, they said to heck with it, I want to live my dream, I want that taste and I might get laughed at but I HAVE TO DO THIS. I want something better for myself, my family, my self esteem or whatever is your particular drive to be successful. Then they did it and dedgum it, because they went out of their shell and comfort zone and to heck with the ridicule and beat downs, they MADE IT. And so can you.

That word success. Big word isn’t it? Scary, too. And relative. One person’s definition is different than mine. Fine. But is success defined by the easy way out? Doing the same old, same old with no chance of bettering yourself. Nothing wrong with that, Midus. But are you happy? Don’t you want to be your definition of success? Maybe you are there so this isn’t for you. For the rest, don’t you want that golden ring? I do and here is why those two ordinary people give me inspiration.

For a long time, it would take an Act of Congress to get out of my little circle of fun. I had worked in radio for over 20 years, mostly in sports, and had also worked and been paid by all the major televison networks. What a life! I travelled the world, did a lot of things and hung out with celebrities and sports figures that ordinary people would give most anything to have the opportunity to do. Then a few years ago, I saw a trend in my profession and people were losing their jobs and were scared to live thier passion, always trying to get back to the safe thing but there were no jobs. I did not want to be one of those people. Sure, they and I were on the radio or TV, but they are no different than you or me and have the same fears you and I do. But they were scared, didn’t want to get laughed at or risk ridicule because the dream job they wanted to do wasn’t sexy enough or cool enough, even though they had a passion for it and were scared to strike out on their own. I knew what I wanted to do and decided to do it.

I have never been one to follow the norm or be conventional. But there was a time I was scared because of the unknown a few years ago. I didn’t think I would ever make it. I was scared of what people would think. I had a pretty hefty ego and I didn’t want that bruised. Then I see these two people after they had appeared on the X Factor ( ) at different times. I was like the rest of the world. “Lookit them. No stinking way. Schlubs.” I did give them credit for getting onstage because that took big cahonas. Then they opened thier mouths, and all what I thought disappeared and I cried. For doubting them. For their courage. For daring to step out. For getting out of their comfort zone and giving people hope. Mostly, I was ashamed for not giving them a chance but they gave me inspiration. Just ordinary people stepping out of their comfort zone to make it! If they can do it, so can I!

Anyone can do it, but you have got to take that scary step and risk that ridicule and beat down to try to make it. Maybe you’ll fail, but dust yourself off Sparky, because you aren’t one and done. Keep at it! One day, one day you will make it and you’ll be on top of the world! Let them talk, they are small minded and maybe are scared of your potential success because it’s easier to have power when you are being controlled. DO NOT LET THAT HAPPEN. Are they people that need to be in your life anyway? Screw ‘Em. Be your own person and show them up. And for goodness sakes, have fun. Let them talk! Who cares? I mean really, WHO CARES. You are better than they are anyway.

So do you have an inspirational story you can share? Thoughts? I know you can make it, so don’t get beat down! I hope you can get something good out of this.

Spread the word, thunderbird, and pass this along to your friends!

The Midnite Marketer

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