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SEO. Social Media and a Book to help you out!

So I have been on my share of business conventions where there is a listing of speakers who’s subject they are going to speak about can pique your curiosity. So you want to see them, right? Even if it’s on a subject you have knowledge of. You want to pick up some tips and info that you may not have heard of before so you can help your clients. So I went to one recently, the lineup was great but I wanted to hear a guy talk about social media and seo because that is what I do. I listened what he told the mostly unwashed audience about his sage advice on social media and seo. What a load of B.S. this guy spouted.

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Facebook, Skype and Video Chatting. The New Wave?

Earlier this past week (or if you read this in an archive, it’ll be too late to say the past week…lol) but social media monster Facebook has teamed up with Skype and now you’ll get to make video chatting with ease to your friends! Talk about expanding a social network! With over 600 million people using Skype and the soon to be zillions using Facebook, this is still in the engagement process before the marriage. Blood tests, talking to their pastors, arranging the license, making sure the parents approve, you know. All the things to do before marriage. You don’t want a shotgun wedding. What I mean is, it’s almost ready to launch but I have the goods on it.

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Small Business and Social Media. Take advantage of these free ideas to be seen online!


I use Meetup groups to promote my business on a personal level. I love the fact that I can talk one on one with people and get to know them on that personal level and find out about them as a person and as a business. I have made quite a few business contacts going to those meetups and recieved quite a few jobs out of those business meetings. How? For me,  I show that once you provide value and solve a need and convey good feelings and show benefits, you’ll get some taste for your business.

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Beat down? Can’t get motivated? Tired of the ridicule? Try this for inspiration.


We all have had those days. World against you. Trying to get your business going. You aren’t good enough. You don’t have the look. You aren’t smart enough at work. Don’t have the money. Not enough hours in the day. Maybe you are unemployed. All you need is that little break but you aren’t getting it. Blame the world, that’s the easy way out and NO arguement will change that. You HAVE to make your own luck or opportunity. Here are two people that didn’t have the look, life short changed them in one way or another but they made their own luck and opportunity and are wildy successful and there is NO reason you can’t make it either, my friend.  

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