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Keyword Density. How Much Is Too Much?

Keyword density is an indicator of the number of times the selected keyword appears in the web page. Keywords shouldn’t be over used, but I bet that you are overusing your words and wondering where your traffic is. It should be just sufficient enough to appear at important places. How much? I am about to tell you, Sparky!


keyword, keywords, keyword density, spam, filter, Tim Vasquez, The Midnite Marketer, dallas social media, dallas seo, dallas marketing

keyword, keywords, keyword density, spam, filter, Tim Vasquez, The Midnite Marketer, dallas social media, dallas seo, dallas marketing


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So how effective is billboard advertising if they put a website address up on it?


Ok, traditional advertising mavens, you are gonna HATE me for writing about this. But hear me out as you scramble to save your job.

I’m going along at 55-70 mph (Here in Texas, that’s under the speed limit) and I am whizzing by and I see an eye catching ad. Cool right? It had the proper elements about the biz that made me look but I’m going so quickly I don’t see the web address on the billboard or it’s there but because the elements are so long with the www dot or it’s not a dot com but a dot net or dot us or something. Or it’s in type so small you can’t read it. WTF? Their business name may not even match what we would think the web address should be and I have seen that time and time again. (Who helped them get that domain name? For shame)

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Do you have a keyboard monkey working for you? Is your social media campaign a zoo?


So what is a keyboard monkey? My friend Will Morgan of TagTeam Creative here in Dallas has used that term and I love it! It means, at least to me, someone who is a low level employee or intern that is posting updates on the social network and their skill level isn’t exactly great and needs a little work and so they need a little leadership and a gentle guiding hand while they are learning posting skills. You did see some skills, that’s the reason you hired them, right?

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Nothing about social media, no rants, no raves..I am a sleepy cat tonight



I had a very tiring day, so in leu of my usual missive, I’ll leave you gentle readers with this:



I’ll have something tomorrow for sure!

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My Space is on the selling block, but bring your noseplugs. That is a dead carcus and the smell is bad.


The once mighty, once relevant and once THE social site, My Space, is on the selling block to get unloaded on some poor sap (errrr, lucky buyer) who wants to dole out a few bucks to save this sinking Titanic. Really?

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Not so much. Facebook allows Profile Pages to become Business Pages. You could be in DANGER.

I may be in the minority (and according to what I am reading, I am) but hear me out. I don’t think this change that FB is allowing to change your profile to become a business page is all that and in fact it could hurt quite a few people.
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So Facebook “Like” is getting a little challenge from Google! “+1” is the tool. Really!

Yeah, that’s right. +1.
I was thinking hmm, it’s almost April 1st, so is this pulling my leg? Getting a jump on the joke? +1. Really? Not digging the name, but I’m not
A little earlier today, Google rolled out a new button called +1. The +1 button will show up next to the search engine results and the AdWords ads. It is planned for in the future that if you have a website and you are a publisher you will be able to add a +1 button to pages and articles on your sites and that should get you some search engine taste.
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How do you motivate yourself to do any work when the weather is yucky?


It's gray, miserable and damp outside. The only thing I want to do is to lay around and not pick up this laptop even though I have some things I need to do. One of them being is to play online poker. I am pretty good at it, but with this weather so bad, I am just not motivated. I don't want to watch the NCAA Toury, my bracket is in shambles, I need a tin can and a monkey to beg to win my bracket. 
With that being said, I am forcing myself to do SOMETHING. So going online and venting is a good departure for me. I want to rant, crab, vent, but play and have a good time.
Does the weather play an influence in how you have a productive day or not?
Spread the word, thunderbird, and pass along to your friends!
The Midnite Marketer    
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