Facebook, Skype and Video Chatting. The New Wave?

Earlier this past week (or if you read this in an archive, it’ll be too late to say the past week…lol) but social media monster Facebook has teamed up with Skype and now you’ll get to make video chatting with ease to your friends! Talk about expanding a social network! With over 600 million people using Skype and the soon to be zillions using Facebook, this is still in the engagement process before the marriage. Blood tests, talking to their pastors, arranging the license, making sure the parents approve, you know. All the things to do before marriage. You don’t want a shotgun wedding. What I mean is, it’s almost ready to launch but I have the goods on it.

There have been attempts in the past to use video chatting, but the technology was maybe still too new or there wasn’t a central hub of note that people could champion to use but with being on that Facebook bandwagon and with the current cheap technology for video conferencing tools, this will change (in my humble opinon) how we chat online from now on and I am sure that Facebook and Skype are thinking that also. Instead of typing, actually talking with streaming video? Yowza!

There has never been a way to distribute video chatting in a way that could make people want to do it but this should change that. I know that some years back, I had a really, really bad video camera to stream with but it was kind of cool to chat with friends and strangers but the streaming was aweful and I quit. I also am not photo friendly…lol

I also see business’s going to this as another way to communicate to their fans and also to thier other business compadres but you can BET THE MORTGAGE sooner or later that even as you chat with your buds, you are gonna see ads sometime in the future. Is that a bad thing? Depends how they are presented.

Imagine being able to just click the person you want to chat with, the video box comes up and there ya go! Have multiple conversations the same time! Invite people to your party or tell them about the cool time you had or well wish someone. This makes things more personable by far! By the way, if you want to Skype me, here is my addy…tim.vasquez111. I hope to hear from you!

Ok, how do you get this? Read on McDuff, here is the info!

Go here, the Facebook Calling Page.

After you click that link, you will go to a landing page and there is a video about it and all the instructions are there. It’s not real complicated. It does not support Opera, by the way.

If you don’t have a laptop with a camera on it, go buy one that supports Skype and for goodness sakes, get one that streams pretty good. If you don’t, the picture might be so grainy it looks like it might have come out of the Edison Studios ( how is that for an obscure pop culture reference?…lol )

So are you gonna get on board with this? What do you feel like the inherent problems will be? Is this going to change the way you chat online?

Spread the word, thunderbird and tell your friends!

The Midnite Marketer

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