How are you using Twitter and are you hot? Here are some tools to show how much taste you can have using Twitter!


So you think you are hot property on Twitter? An influencer? Well Sparky, don’t get your hopes that high up. You may be thinking “I am King of All Make Believe when it comes to Twitter and that is because I am following 5,000 people and only a few follow me”. OUCH! Sorry, my misguided friend, but you are the King when 5,000 follow you and you follow not as many. Why? Because what you have to say is important to those 5,000 followers and that is what makes you importante, me amigo (or NOT the 5,000 you follow. Be a LEADER, not a follower.

I am an anomaly because I don’t have 1,000’s following me. I follow a couple of hundred people or business’s all together, while there are over 500 people following me. Why not more following me? Because I purge those deadbeat spammers or people looking to add to their list from places I could care less about. All I care about are local business’s or business’s that need my service, other social or internet marketers, friends and horseracing sites (LOL, ok, my weakness and yes, I got meagered out on the Kentucky Derby. Animal Kingdom? Really? lol) I purge daily, I am not driven by the excessive numbers but on who I can help that I know are legit. When the conversation comes up about how come I don’t have that many followers and so and so has thousands, I am more than glad to show them where those people are coming from. So Mr Local Business Person, how can people from India, Mexico, Germany, Russia etc etc can help your business out? Look at my list. Local. To the point. Relevant. Influencer. That’s me. Who’s Your Daddy?

So here are some tools to help you out, get a little of that infuencer taste and maybe you can make a difference in someone’s life that needs you. Happy Mothers Day!

Twitalyzer can tell you how many people you reach in twitter and exactly when you need to be active to reach them. This is what is cool for me, Twitalyzer knows who is in your social network and they know where they live, so you can be targeted in your outreach efforts.

HubSpot has a Twitter Grader, and tracks your rank on Twitter, but it also offers some rather interesting information. It monitors your clout, frequency and the amount of interaction and followers you gain.

Do you have Klout? This will help you find ways to define your Twitter goals. With a clear interface, you’ll be pleasantly surprised what you will find when you just type in your Twitter username.

Want to find out who joins you or drops you from your Twitter stream when you send something out? Try this. TweetEffect. Why is it important? Shows what tweets are more likely to gain or lose followers.

Hope this is some use for you! Do you have any tools that are cool for Twitter? What do you think of the list?

Spread the word, thunderbird, and pass along to your friends!


The Midnite Marketer.

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