I’ve been right about your posting habits! You don’t post and you suffer. Thanks HubSpot! You validate one of my issues!

I’ve been known for being a wisea** in my 20 plus years of radio being a sidekick. Mostly it was because I was usually right debating the host and the host would get steamed (pretend for the listeners..lol) for me being right. I wasn’t mean spirited even to the callers when they chimed in, but usually they took the good natured abuse because they were wrong on an issue. We wouldn’t let the right one’s on the air, that would make it boring. You gotta have conflict to make it fun..lol

Fast forward to now, I have been involved in some seminars talking about social media and the like. I have talked about how the business owner needs to do their own content ( or hire me..lol) and to do a lot of it. That is one of the sure ways to get some internet taste for your business! I have been right for a while about you don’t post, you don’t really exist. There is more to it than that, with indexing, backlinks, getting your employees to contribute, don’t fragment your posts and on and on and this is where HubSpot  comes into play.

I LOVE them. I have them indexed on my RSS Feed, I read as much as I can when they send something out because they GET IT. I have been saying these things and I see one of the big boys chiming in and it’s WHAT I’VE BEEN TALKING ABOUT! I’m not one of the major players. I am pretty happy here in Dallas and do a pretty good job helping folks out but when I saw this post, I felt pretty good about what I have been talking about! I guess it is a validation of sorts.

So if you are struggling along and you are not going to see me, please read this post from HubSpot . This is one time I don’t mind sharing the stage even though the act is bigger than me…lol



So are you posting with good content? Do you get it? Any other tips about posting that will help drive traffic?

Spread the word, thunderbird, and pass this along to your friends!

The Midnite Marketer

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