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So I have been on my share of business conventions where there is a listing of speakers who’s subject they are going to speak about can pique your curiosity. So you want to see them, right? Even if it’s on a subject you have knowledge of. You want to pick up some tips and info that you may not have heard of before so you can help your clients. So I went to one recently, the lineup was great but I wanted to hear a guy talk about social media and seo because that is what I do. I listened what he told the mostly unwashed audience about his sage advice on social media and seo. What a load of B.S. this guy spouted.

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What do you expect when you go to these type of conventions? Me? I expect to learn something. I expect information. Just throw a bone. Nope. Nothing. Just a case study after case study saying why a business went out of business. Huh?

We were there to find out ( based on the subject matter of the program ) how to use seo and social media for my business. Not to find out why a business went out of business. It wasn’t due to lack of using the online tools available, it was due to poor business decisions.

My friends around me were equally put off. Where is the meat? Where are the tips to help out? We got NADA. ( Nothing for those that don’t know Spanish..See? I just taught you

It’s not because we are know it alls but this guy was supposed to be a recognized expert. Hmph.

So this is where the book part comes in and yes, let me be transparent about this. I was already writing this before this deadbeat went on stage. All it did was to fire me up and finish the book. So is this a promotion? You bet. But I GUARANTEE you, you will learn something for your business and you will get seen online. No talk about case studies. No B.S.

I wrote a book called “The No B.S. SEO Book For Business.” Guess what? Amazon deemed it a hot new release! Here is the screenshot, my little chickadee.

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I was sick and tired of listening to these so called “experts” spew garbage. I am very proud of my friends that are in this industry and that the integrity for them is off the charts. They are as honest as the day is long.  So I wrote this so I CAN give you the goods. Give you the info. Give you what you need to have your business be a success. That is VERY important to me.

So here is the cover of the book. If you want it from Amazon, just click the pic. It will take you to the purchase. You can read some of it and find out if it’s for you. In fact, it costs less than a cup of coffee. A small investment for a chance to make money and keep your business on top of things.

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   It has a smart aleck bent to it, but I try to make it entertaining and informative so you won’t be bored reading dry material. You WILL get something out of this, I GUARANTEE it will help your business presence online.

After you purchase this, would you be as so kind as to leave a review? Thanks so much! You rock!

Tim Vasquez

The Midnite Marketer

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