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I use Meetup groups to promote my business on a personal level. I love the fact that I can talk one on one with people and get to know them on that personal level and find out about them as a person and as a business. I have made quite a few business contacts going to those meetups and recieved quite a few jobs out of those business meetings. How? For me,  I show that once you provide value and solve a need and convey good feelings and show benefits, you’ll get some taste for your business.

If you have been to some business networking meetings you know the drill. You get 30 seconds to pitch your business. There are some right ways and wrong ways to do that ( I think I do it Toward the end of your spiel, you get to ask for a referral but again but there are right ways and wrong ways to do that. I would advise you read Dean Lindsay‘s book “Cracking the Networking Code“. You can get it on Amazon and it’s a wealth of info for networking your business and you won’t be steered wrong. You will get a practical approach on getting your name out there and it’s also humorous! Fun!

I mention the above because what I do is that I give info that can help out small business’s. That info I give out is for FREE. Did I say free? Free? My second favorite “F” word! What’s my first? “Fun”. You naughty monkeys thinking the other word…lol

Why do I give free info out? Not only it makes me feel good, but also I get a chance to help people out who might really need to get their message out and are working on a shoestring budget. We have ALL been there and I wish there had been someone to help me out, so this is my small way of giving back.

So here is a small list of things you can use as a small business to get a little taste onlne or some info that may help you out.

Go to a Meetup group for business! You get to pitch your business for 30 seconds and if you do it right, you might get some taste! Generally, those are free to attend, some might charge a small fee for the place or some other thing, but the ones I go to are generally free or wicked cheap. The benefit is that you could get a referral from it and that is money in the pocket!

Here in Dallas, we have the Dallas Business Journal. You can get a FREE listing online! Does your city have a business journal? If they do, go online and see if they offer a free online listing!

How about Google? Go online and go to Google Merchant Center! Yeah, you can go to maps and get a local listing ( and do that also) but with the Merchant Center, you can advertise for free! You have to have a Google acct but that is also free!

Facebook has a way to advertise for free but there is a catch. American Express has teamed up with Facebook and you can use your reward points and get some advertising taste from Facebook. Here is the link from Mashable that will tell you how.

How about Wikipedia? Not a lot of people have thought about that, but all you need to do is to create an objective article about your business and make sure you DON’T SELL anything, otherwise you will not get seen.  It’s also a great way to get some link action.

Think about Craigslist! I know a lot of people might not have thought that, but you would be surprised at the taste you could be getting!

There is a site called BackPage. Your city may be one listed and if it is, go for it!

These are just a few and I have mentioned them in my meetings. The business person worth their salt have taken advantage of this and it beats not getting seen if you have a business. I know there are many more and a whole book could be written about them (hmmmm, there is an idea! lol) but use these little tidbits and go make some money, Diamond Jim Brady!

Do you have any other sites to advertise for free? If you have used any of these, what type of taste have you recieved?

Spread the word, thunderbird, and tell your friends!

The Midnite Marketer

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