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SEO. Social Media and a Book to help you out!

So I have been on my share of business conventions where there is a listing of speakers who’s subject they are going to speak about can pique your curiosity. So you want to see them, right? Even if it’s on a subject you have knowledge of. You want to pick up some tips and info that you may not have heard of before so you can help your clients. So I went to one recently, the lineup was great but I wanted to hear a guy talk about social media and seo because that is what I do. I listened what he told the mostly unwashed audience about his sage advice on social media and seo. What a load of B.S. this guy spouted.

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This is not your Momma’s Blogger. When was the last time you looked at it? It’s worth checking out again!


So when was the last time you looked at Blogger? Been a while? Yeah, there are a few other blogging platforms that are kind of groovy. WordPress, Xanga, Tumblr, et al but for set up ease, Blogger isn’t too bad. It’s free, it allows monitization(!) and setting up the themes for a bit of customization are wicked easy.