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So how effective is billboard advertising if they put a website address up on it?


Ok, traditional advertising mavens, you are gonna HATE me for writing about this. But hear me out as you scramble to save your job.

I’m going along at 55-70 mph (Here in Texas, that’s under the speed limit) and I am whizzing by and I see an eye catching ad. Cool right? It had the proper elements about the biz that made me look but I’m going so quickly I don’t see the web address on the billboard or it’s there but because the elements are so long with the www dot or it’s not a dot com but a dot net or dot us or something. Or it’s in type so small you can’t read it. WTF? Their business name may not even match what we would think the web address should be and I have seen that time and time again. (Who helped them get that domain name? For shame)