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I’ve been right about your posting habits! You don’t post and you suffer. Thanks HubSpot! You validate one of my issues!

I’ve been known for being a wisea** in my 20 plus years of radio being a sidekick. Mostly it was because I was usually right debating the host and the host would get steamed (pretend for the listeners..lol) for me being right. I wasn’t mean spirited even to the callers when they chimed in, but usually they took the good natured abuse because they were wrong on an issue. We wouldn’t let the right one’s on the air, that would make it boring. You gotta have conflict to make it fun..lol

This is not your Momma’s Blogger. When was the last time you looked at it? It’s worth checking out again!


So when was the last time you looked at Blogger? Been a while? Yeah, there are a few other blogging platforms that are kind of groovy. WordPress, Xanga, Tumblr, et al but for set up ease, Blogger isn’t too bad. It’s free, it allows monitization(!) and setting up the themes for a bit of customization are wicked easy.